Give Sketchnotes a Try! (RB)

Sketchnotes of our 1-day teaching workshop by Margot Vigeant

Rich Felder and I presented a 1-day teaching institute at the ASEE Chemical Engineering Division Summer School at North Carolina State University recently to nearly 200 new faculty. One of our longtime colleagues, Margot Vigeant from Bucknell, sat in on the workshop and prepared a set of graphic notes, or sketchnotes. As soon as we saw them, we knew we wanted to share them here, and Margot kindly agreed. As you can see, the notes don’t include everything important, but they are a visual representation of the ideas and take-away messages that most struck Margot.

It seems to me that graphic notes or sketchnotes could be a great way to identify and capture key ideas in a presentation and create something you’ll return to again and again. It could be an effective way to takes notes for students who just can’t seem to get into the dry outline format they’ve been taught.

To get ideas about how to start making graphic notes, check out How to Get Started with Sketchnotes by Elisabeth Irgens. Another free resource isĀ Sketchnoting for Teaching and Learning! For more examples, see 10 Brilliant Examples of Sketchnotes: Notetaking for the 21st Century. Happy notetaking!!

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